PDX Job Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can post jobs?

All qualified employers who employ workers at PDX may post jobs for positions to be filled at PDX.

What is an Authentication Code, and how can I get one?

An Authentication Code is used to identity qualified employers. If you feel that you are qualified to post to the PDX Jobs board, you may request an Authentication Code. Go to the 'Create An Account' page, and click the link on the bottom that says 'Request Authentication Code'. If you are approved, you will receive an Authentication Code via the email you provide, and then you may create an account and start posting job opportunities!

What are the proposed rules and requirements for posting jobs?

All those who post jobs on this site must be employers at Portland International Airport and the jobs must be located at PDX. This includes concessionaires, airlines, rental car agencies, etc. Also note that this is a public jobs board, accessible and viewable by the general public. As such, we ask that these job postings be professional in nature, including correct spelling, grammar, be informational and to the point.

Are there any other entities or companies facilitating in this job website?

This jobs website is sponsored, administrated, and built by the Port of Portland. This is keeping with our recent efforts surrounding the PDX Workplace Initiative which seeks to enhance the worker experience at PDX.